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Among the people who provide healthcare service,  no other person entices more fear than the dentist. There are no formal surveys, but if you ask the people around you, most of them would say that they are afraid of the dentist more than they are afraid of the doctor. This really isn’t surprising considering that most dental procedures are done without the benefit of anesthesia.

But did you know that more than any other worker in the healthcare industry, it is the dentist who can make you look more beautiful without the high price? Sure, you can always go to a plastic surgeon but it’s going to cost you a lot of money. If you go to a dentist, however, if you go to someone who is really good at what he does, a few alignments of your teeth here and there and you will find yourself looking better by how many times compared to how you looked before. Ask stomatolog Bacau if you don’t believe it.

If you have ever been to different dentists before, you might notice that there are orthodontists and general dentists. What is the difference between them? While all orthodontists are dentists, not all dentists are orthodontists. This is because after basic training orthodontists go on to get special training in the different procedures that people go to the dentist for, specifically, dental braces and implants, dental surgery procedures.

If you are having problems with the way you look, the first person you need to see is a cosmetic dentist. In addition to orthodontic training, a cosmetic dentist also has special training in determining the proper management of teeth in order to achieve a certain look. You may not know it, but not all Hollywood stars got under knife with a cosmetic surgeon. However, all of them went to a cosmetic dentist first to determine how their looks might be improved.

A case in point is Greta Garbo, who is known for her hollowed cheek look. To those who do not know, the classic actress was not born with it. A dentist took one look at her and determined that pulling out some of her molars would give her a chiselled look. And his dental calculations were right, immortalizing her beauty in the process.

There are many cosmetic dentists out there, although they may not be as numbered as regular dentists. You can easily find them on Google by doing a quick search on Google for “cosmetic dentist” plus the name of your area or zip code. One thing we know about these dental professionals is that they are not in the network of dental health insurance providers. But this is just a guess that we have. If you want to be sure, ask your insurer.

But even if your dental health insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures, majority of these dentists’ offices make provisions for financing. So, you do not need to pay the entire amount of money owed right away after surgery. You can pay on an installment basis with your credit card.

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